-​Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery

When the equipment in your fleet is disabled, your bottom line is at risk. We understand the importance of getting you back on the road safely and as quickly as possible. Our fleet of heavy duty towing and recovery vehicles and certified specialists are prepared and trained to perform in even the most challenging situations. Whether it be a routine tow, emergency recovery, off-road recovery, load shifts or rollovers our extensive capabilities and timely service have given us a reputation in the industry as being the trusted provider for large scale trucking companies as well as owner-operators and construction firms.

Light Duty Towing

Our fleet of Light Duty trucks are available 24/7 to safely transport any vehicle. With state-of-the-art towing equipment and professionally trained operators, we have all the right tools and experience to handle your vehicles, including motorcycles, with the utmost care. We have extensive experience in safely transporting all types of vehicles from exotic to fleet. Whether you need your vehicle delivered to a showroom or body shop, we can assure you that it will arrive safely and on time.

Our goal is to make an inconvenient situation a little bit easier by offering professional service 24 hours a day.

It's frustrating to be locked out of your vehicle and locksmiths are expensive. Trying to get into your car without the right equipment can lead to wasted time and costly repairs. Humble Towing is here to help. Our trucks are equipped with the most reliable automotive entry tools in the industry. Our technicians will help you get into your vehicle without hassle or damage

-Equipment Transport

Heavy equipment and vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. That's why Humble Towing Service maintains a versatile fleet of transportation equipment to handle any relocation challenge that comes our way. With a fleet including flatbeds, Landolls, rotator, and heavy duty tow trucks, we know we'll be able to match your need with the ideal piece of transportation equipment. When transporting heavy equipment or oversized vehicles, the experience and skill of the operators makes the difference. Our heavy duty personnel are more than just operators, they're specialists who are intensively trained in the proper technical and safety procedures to ensure your asset is handled correctly.

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 When you're away from home, the last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead battery. Humble Towing has the right equipment to get you back on your way!

Tire Service
Changing a flat tire on the side of the road can be hard, not to mention very dangerous! If this situation happens to you, call Humble Towing. Within minutes of your call, we'll send a truck to your location to provide tire service no matter where you are.